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Our Programs

Parenting for ADHD: Support and Strategies for Parents

This 10-week group provides parents of children with ADHD and other behavioral concerns (ages 2-12) with a supportive community to learn effective child behavior management skills and strategies. Through the course of the group, parents will learn to understand oppositional and noncompliant behaviors at home and at school, and develop the tools to manage and reduce them.

Circle of Security Parenting Group

Our Parenting Group runs on an 8-week cycle and meets for one and a half hours each week. During the course of the group, parents will learn strategies to help understand and manage their child’s behavior in a mutually respectful way. Through the program, parents will develop tools to enhance their child’s self-esteem and foster their independence while simultaneously strengthening the parent-child relationship.

This group is designed for parents of children from infancy through adolescence.

Strong Girls: A Pre-teen and Teen Coping Skills Group

Strong Girls is a group for pre-adolescent and adolescent females (grades 5-12) who are experiencing challenges related to middle school or high school.  This may include academic stressors associated with school work and planning for college, relationship issues, and conflicts with peers and parents.  The goal of this group is to provide pre-teen and teen girls with effective, healthy coping skills to help manage emotions and improve relationships.

Format: The Strong Girls group runs year-round on an eight week cycle, and many participants continue in multiple cycles of the group.  New skills are presented weekly, and the participants are given the opportunity to problem-solve around current stressors with the group leaders and each other.

West Morris Social Skills Program

Is your child struggling with making or keeping friends? Does he have difficulty managing anger? Does she have a hard time sharing or being a good sport?

  • Our social skills training program can help your child improve these skills and more! Groups may cover various topics, including:
    • Accepting and understanding consequences
    • Anger management
    • Being a good sport
    • Conversation skills, including joining in, initiating and maintaining a conversation
    • Cooperation and compromising
    • Feelings education
    • Meeting new people
    • Non-verbal communication skills, including eye contact, body language, and personal space
    • Social problem-solving
    • Stress management and coping skills (for teens)
    • Teamwork
  • Our groups are completely customized to meet the needs of the particular children in each group, and run for eight weeks. 
  • Groups run year-round, and many children enroll in multiple group cycles. 
  • We offer groups for all ages, from preschool through high school.

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